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Enter a rapidly growing market.

With the world’s transition to remote learning, instructional designers are in high demand.

M.A. in Instructional Design

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program highlights

Design Courses and Training

Create educational programs, such as online courses and professional development seminars.

Educate the workforce

Help organizations communicate policy, train employees and implement wide-scale change.

Accelerate Your Career

Enter multiple industries with this versatile degree: higher ed, corporate, technology, K-12 and more.

Work Friendly Scheduling

Complete this online program in 21 months at times and in places that work best for you.

1:1 Support

Receive close, personal support when and where you need it – from the first day of class to the last.

Career Options

  • Instructional designer
  • Course developer
  • Curriculum designer/specialist
  • Learning specialist
  • Instructional coordinator
  • Corporate trainer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Instructional technologist
  • Digital media designer
  • Master’s-level instructional design professionals for training and development roles

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